Nothing means more to me than to hear from my couples how they felt planning the most significant day of their lives... and how they felt having me present. This is what I work for. This is what truly matters. The imagery you see on my website is merely a byproduct of the relationship and trust built from our time spent together.  Below are excerpts from some testimonials I have received from my amazing couples. These are real, raw, unsolicited testimonials.

It is so evident from your photos, dedication and approach that you truly love what you do and place a lot of time and energy into connecting with your couples. For me, you were truly a bridesman who supported me, and lent an arm to squeeze when I was a bundle of nerves. 


Capturing our wedding day with your amazing talent was nothing less than what we expected from you... but really going above and beyond the call of 'work' as a photographer and being there for us as a real friend – that's what makes the Joee Experience like no other. 


The calibre and quality of the people that so joyfully surround you speaks volumes towards the truth and depth of your character. It has been exciting to meet someone who brings such integrity, professionalism, authenticity and care to every aspect of their life. 



Joee, you relieved a lot of stress on the day of our wedding. Thanks for constantly checking up on me, and making me smile and  for capturing our memorable moments. It was such a pleasant experience.




I know I'm supposed to be good with words, but I just can't find the ones to express exactly how I feel about your photos of our wedding. You captured our biggest smiles and funniest moments. 


I'm sitting here pinching myself wondering if Joee Wong really did just document our wedding. You are honestly not just an amazing photographer but a great friend, hairfixer, problem-solver, stress-reliever. 


I have viewed the slideshow 17891728937893 times!! It's AMAZING. I'm soooo sooo sooo happy! You are so amazingly talented and John and I are so glad we had you to capture our wedding day 🙂