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Wedding // Sarah + Mike | Toronto + Bahamas

Ok...this was one of the best destination experiences ever. Sarah and Mike had 3 weddings in two countries: City Hall ceremony in Toronto, Egyptian Coptic ceremony in Toronto and an Greek Orthodox ceremony in Nassau Bahamas. And I was so thrilled to be there for the entire ride.

Sarah and Mike are just an awesome couple...perfect for each other. I remember meeting with them for the first time over coffee and I swear I was watching an episode of All in the Family. In a funny way.

Big thank you to my awesome colleagues and friends, Andrew and Emily of Honey & Dear Films, for introducing me to them. This wedding wouldn't have been as fun as it was without an awesome team to work with. They are always amazing to work with and as a result, we're both able to deliver the best photos and film for them.

Here is Sarah + Mike's story:

joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0001 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0002joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0004 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0005joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0006

Nassau, Bahamas
 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0009 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0010 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0011 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0012 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0013 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0014 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0015 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0016 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0017 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0018 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0019 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0020 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0021 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0022 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0023 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0024joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0039 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0040 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0027 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0028 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0029 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0030 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0031

Tell me this isn't the coolest venue for a reception !!! It felt like we were dining under the sea !

joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0033joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0032 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0034 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0035 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0036 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0037 joeewong_sarah_michael_atlantis_bahamas_wedding_0038

Thank you Sarah and Mike for having Heidi, Emily, Andrew and I for your special day. It was such an amazing year getting to know you two. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and see you all soon.

Photography: Joee + Heidi
Cinematography: Emily + Andrew | Honey & Dear Films (<-- click link for film !)
Church (Toronto): Church of the Virgin Mary
Church (Bahamas): Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Venue (Bahamas): Atlantis Resort | Nassau, Bahamas

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