Dubai can be best described as indulgent, glamorous, and progressive. This United Arab Emirates city is a luxury travel destination for leisure and business. It combines a modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility and Arabian flair. It was the perfect location to host an event for an industry that specializes in beauty and romance.


JOEE WONG x Engage!20 Dubai 

Back in 2017, I ran into the lovely team from Engage! Summits. My client, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, was the host hotel for this luxury wedding symposium. I was photographing for Belmond and I had the pleasure of working alongside the Engage! photographers and their social media director, Samantha Roberts⁣ . For the last few years we've been keeping in touch and trying to see if I could help photograph one of their events for them. Well the stars finally aligned and here we are....DUBAI ! What a dream location to photograph ! And what an amazing team I was working with as well.

Before I show you some photos, there are some important people I need to thank.

My cinematography team led by the incomparable, Derek Chan, with Cece and Long. I know it was a huge undertaking being the official filmmakers for this event, but we crushed it ! We literally killed it ! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. I'll never forget the sleepless nights pumping out content in the hotel. Good times !

To the photo team, what can I was so nice to be able to work with such a fun, talented group. This truly was a collaboration and I want to thank you for the incredible opportunity to work alongside you. I hope to do it again with you soon.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Kathryne and Rebecca of  Engage! Summits and the ever so sweet Zainab of Carousel Weddings and Events for putting on such an amazing event. It was a joy to be there to document it all. All your blood, sweat and tears made it all worth it, I'm sure. Thank you for doing all that you do for this industry.

There are at least 250 others to thank, but I just can't write a personal note to everyone haha

It was incredible to reconnect with some of my insanely talented friends and also form new relationships with the creme de la creme of the luxury event + hospitality industry.

Here is a summary of Engage!20 Dubai through my eyes.

Creative Director, Planning, Production, & Floral Design: @carousel_weddings_events⁣
Art Direction, Event Branding, Logo, Graphics, Gifting Design, & Curation: @TPDDesignHouse⁣
Video Team: @DerekChanFilms⁣
Host Hotel: @ArmaniHotelDxb⁣
Destination Partner @Visit.Dubai⁣
Linens @nuagedesignsinc⁣
Social Media Director: @SamanthaRoberts⁣





Registration Day. You could definitely feel the excitement in the air. With 250 attendees from all over the world, it was the most diverse group of all the Engage! events. As usual, the session was packed with lots of informative speakers from the industry's best... and amazing artistic entertainment. The welcome party took place at the incredible Zeta Lounge at Address Hotel Downtown where guests were treated to top-notch performance art, food, and music.




After another exciting morning of inspirational talks, the attendees were treated to a stunning outdoor lunch and a wonderful dinner before ending the night at amazing Ce La Vie Dubai at Address Hotel Skyview.




I had the pleasure to cover the Interactive session with these four incredible women: Sarah Haywood, Zainab Alsalih, Diana Khoury and Vandana Mohan. They were speaking about Managing Ultra-High Net Worth Clients. Shortly after, we were whisked away to our respective Dubai Experiences. And finally, the Gala.

Gala night -- this was the night for attendees to be wowed by the entire team with event planning, design, and execution. It was also a time to showcase the strengths of each collaborator and the type of service and vision they could offer. It was a great way to show new ideas and insights the luxury event planners could bring to their own clients. I have never seen anything like this.
There was no detail left untouched. It was just stunning. The evening was filled with live music, performance art, and delectable food. It was the perfect setting to end of another successful event. 



Zainab, Marriott International Luxury Brands and Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, extended a warm invitation to a select group for a magical desert experience. Al Maha Resort is nestled in a picturesque palm oasis, deep within Dubai’s dunes and desert landscape within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which plays a vital role in its conservation and upkeep. Al Maha showcases the heritage and architecture of the Bedouins and also offers a sense of a traditional desert adventure. Here’s a glimpse of this amazing experience.



Created by Derek Chan Films