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2014 Highlights

July 2, 2015 - Comments Off on Wedding // Sarah + Mike | Toronto + Bahamas

Wedding // Sarah + Mike | Toronto + Bahamas

Ok...this was one of the best destination experiences ever. Sarah and Mike had 3 weddings in two countries: City Hall ceremony in Toronto, Egyptian Coptic ceremony in Toronto and an Greek Orthodox ceremony in Nassau Bahamas. And I was so thrilled to be there for the entire ride. Read more

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Wedding // Halcyon + Burke

It was a hot January in Mexico where I was celebrating and photographing the beautiful and crazy wedding of Vicki + Austin. It was there that I had met Halcyon and Burke and found out they they were engaged. I'm not gonna lie, the thought of me photographing their wedding crossed my mind, but I was having too much fun with everyone to even think about it.  I was having a blast getting to know these two all week.

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The Business of Weddings Symposium

This past Tuesday, my good friend Michael Coombs, hosted the second edition of The Business of Weddings symposium. There was a stellar line up of speakers from some of the most influential people in the industry sharing their experiences and advice on the future of the wedding industry. Read more

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Wedding // Katherine + Jeff

I remember it like it was yesterday — the day I had met Katherine and Jeff to talk about their wedding. It was a beautiful afternoon in my mobile office — Starbucks :P. In fact, I met them exactly 2 years today ! How time flies. We traded stories about family… they met and how you really get to know someone when you move in together !

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Wedding // Chou + David

Chou and I met through...well, Facebook. Crazy, right ? Well the fact is, we do share many mutual friends and she had seen my work going around Facebook for years now. She has always been commenting on my Facebook posts and I just hoped, one day, that I would actually get to meet this awesome girl. In October, 2011, I found out through a bird that she was engaged. It wasn't Facebook official yet, but I wanted to drop her a note to be one of the first to send her my wishes.

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Engagement // Sonia + Manny

Congratulations to Sonia and Manny who recently wed this past summer in Toronto, Canada. Prior to the wedding they threw one amazing engagement party. Held at the beautiful Whistle Bear Golf Club, their guests were greeted with Dom Perignon at their tables and one amazing entrance by Sonia and Manny --- by helicopter.  The evening was filled with lots of celebrating, dancing and fireworks.  Truly spectacular.

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