Join #TeamAwesome

I am looking to add some talent to the team. #TeamJW currently consists of about 7 tightknit photographers who work alongside me (in rotation). I lead all my weddings so your role will be a supporting one -- as a second or third (or forth when I get a massive wedding). Don't listen to those fools that pride themselves in photogrpahing weddings alone. In my humble opinion, it is irresponsible to photograph alone and this is why I have a team out with me. You will get a chance to learn the ins and outs of how the team works. Everyone on the team leads their own weddings so there is a massive opportunity to fill your free weekends within our team.

Pay attention to the weddings you see online. I am very TRUE to my style. I don't follow industry trends or what is 'in' at the moment in terms of aesthetics. I specialize in emotive, documentary imagery with a modern twist. My couples are very discerning and they understand that timelessness never goes out of style.


I'm located in Toronto, Canada with commissions that take me all over the globe. I would say about 60% of my weddings are local, 40% abroad. With that said, the majority of my needs are for photographers located in the Toronto area and having a valid passport is a MUST !


There are three important qualifications for all of our associates.

Great personality

This is the most important ! I match up the team to my couples based on personality fit. This doesn’t mean you should be the most talkative or outgoing person, but more importantly, you are genuine, honest and easy to be around.


I do believe a talented photographer and capture the moments with minimal gear. But it doesn't mean using their mobile phone and VSCO. I am looking for a specific look to complement my images, so I do have a preferred set of gear I'd like you to have. You must own your own gear. If you don't have, rental rates are pretty reasonable.

Camera: Minimum – Canon 5D Mark III and above, Nikon D750 and above

Lenses: Fast Primes – 35mm/50mm/85mm/100mm/135mm

Lighting: Minimum – Canon 600EX or Nikon SB910 and remote triggers

Memory: Minimum – 64GB of storage in total.  Sandisk or Lexar brands preferred

Creativity + Technical Skills

The last qualification is possessing both creativity and technical skills. These are developed over time with experience and training, but in general, it’s important that you start with a minimum foundation of these two skills upon which we can build.


Other Important Requirements
Second Shooters: Must have own car
Assistants: must have valid driver's license. If you can drive manual, even better.