This is a wedding I've been waiting to share for a long time. A beautiful wedding held at The Toronto Hunt. I love outdoor weddings. Even more so, I love these two --- Irene and Sean.

Irene and Sean found me through a very good friends of mine, Andrew and Emily,

and when we met, I said to myself, "Thank you guys for sending me a couple that was PERFECT for me !" We met over some desert to talk about their wedding plans and their story.

Irene and Sean met during high school --- different high schools. They we introduced by a mutual friend to play Tetris on ICQ. Anyone remember ICQ ?! Yes, that was a long time ago. After their ICQ intro, they happened to run into each other and became friends. From what I recall, it wasn't love at first sight. It wasn't until Irene witnessed Sean's prowess on the badminton court at a match one weekend where she knew he was the one.

Sean is a stand up guy. He's probably the most sensitive guys I've ever met. You'll see what I mean when you look at the photos below haha And he's so considerate and crafty. Instead of a wedding card, he created an incredible scrapbook of their 13 year journey together leading up to this day. I didn't even think it was possible for the male species to put together a scrapbook of that calibre. Well done Sean.

Irene...what can I say about her. She's obviously beautiful. But don't let her looks fool you. She is not even close to being a princess, given that her family founded one of the most influential restaurant franchises in Ontario where she now serves as the Director of Marketing. Prior to working for her family, she was already a very accomplished businesswoman leaving her mark with each company she was with. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious...even in her personal life. I don't ever recall being so excited to meet up with someone EVER. For their one year anniversary, Irene and I worked on designing their wedding album. It was part of her surprise gift to Sean.

Anyways, here are highlights from their wedding. I got a chance to work alongside my longtime friends Tamara and Kevin of Fuscia Designs and one of my favourite officiants, Jeremy Citron. And after a decade long drought, I finally got to work with someone who's work I've admired for a long time...THE Cynthia Martyn !

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Shortly after the wedding, I received one of the best thank you cards in the mail. Hearing these words really validates my decision to leave my 'fancy' corporate job to do something I truly love. Thank you guys for this.

Dear Joee,

As soon as we met you at that dessert cafe, we knew you would be the one we would entrust with our wedding memories. And, even after setting the bar so high after that initial chat and engagement shoot, you still managed to surpass our expectations ! Thank you, a thousand times in advance, for all the happy times we will spend re-living this special day. While we know we will never forget this celebration with our family and friends, our memories will be that much more vivid, and that much more magical because of your beautiful photographs. Looking forward to years of friendship with a super talented guy.

Irene + Sean


Irene and Sean, I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I look at your wedding images every joke. Your album is the album I proudly show at all my consultations and I have to thank you for trusting me to document your wedding that is true to my style. Your family and friends were so good to Kevin and I and we appreciated it so much to be part of your wedding. Love you both very much. Looking forward to our next get together.


Wedding Planner: Cynthia Martyn Events
Venue: The Toronto Hunt

Floral Designer: Fuscia Designs
Officiant: Jeremy Citron
Quartet: Alexsandre Ensemble
Wedding Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Entertainment: Gruv Funktion