Cecilia and James (and I) celebrated in pretty much 4 countries during the span of their engagement and marriage:

London, England - Engagement
Toronto, Canada - Wedding - Part 1
Hong Kong - Wedding - Part 2
Phuket, Thailand - Honeymoon

Needless to say, these two love to celebrate in style. And if travel can be part of it, why not ! Like the Proposal --- Paris, France. Can it be anymore romantic ?!!!! I've only been there once (for 7 hours) and that place oozes romance. James took Cecilia there over the christmas holidays. It was in their hotel room where James proposed with the Eiffel Tower in the background. What a scene !

Here are some images from their wedding in Toronto. In traditional Chinese fashion, the morning started off with some bride pick-up games --- some of the worst I have seen, I might add ! But all in good fun. The guys took the tasks like champs !


I'll end off the post with some images from our post-wedding sessions in Hong Kong and Thailand. This was the one of most insane travel schedules for me. I flew in for the Hong Kong reception, left for Thailand, Back to Hong Kong for a day and then back to Toronto. 2 countries in Asia for 5 days ! It was intense !

joeewong_weddings_cecejames_hongkong_thailand_0001 joeewong_weddings_cecejames_hongkong_thailand_0002 joeewong_weddings_cecejames_hongkong_thailand_0003
Cecilia and James, this has been some crazy journey with you two. It's amazing how have been able to turn our crazy ideas into reality. It's been non stop laughs and good times over the last few years. Let's do this again ! 🙂

Can't wait to see you two soon !


Venue: West River Event Centre
Catering: Harvey Tam | Dragon Dynasty
String Trio: The Margaritas
Officiant: Dr. Joshua Lam