It was a hot January in Mexico where I was celebrating and photographing the beautiful and crazy wedding of Vicki + Austin. It was there that I had met Halcyon and Burke and found out they they were engaged. I'm not gonna lie, the thought of me photographing their wedding crossed my mind, but I was having too much fun with everyone to even think about it.  I was having a blast getting to know these two all week.

A few weeks after Mexico, I get a message from Halcyon to talk about their wedding plans. It was going to be an intimate wedding taking place at a private residence up north and, by judging our time in Mexico, a guaranteed good time !

As I write this, I'm trying to describe the type of guy Burke is. Ok, so he's pretty much the guy all guys hate - he's incredibly kind, charming, an author, successful and has rugged good looks. He puts all guys to shame. I like him though...because he has so much love for his family and friends and is a man of integrity.

I remember lounging by the pool with Halcyon in Mexico talking about work and life. Being a graphic designer, she is obviously creative. But there was more to her and she wanted to really do something impactful in the art world. A short time later, she created Digital Imprint, a much needed platform for photographers to showcase their work. The events and showcases have been a huge success and she has raised a ton of money for some very special initiatives. Needless to say, she has a huge heart, selfless and all about creating community and awareness for issues she believes in. This is what truly makes her the beautiful person that she is (inside and out).

I was really looking forward to this day. These two married at a beautiful estate up north, which belonged to a family friend. It was a gorgeous space and a perfect setting for their wedding. Here is their story.

joeewong_halcyon_burke_0001 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0002 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0003 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0004 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0005 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0006 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0007 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0008 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0009 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0010 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0011 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0012 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0013 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0014 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0015 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0016 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0017 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0018

Our beautiful and talented friend, Tracy, wrote this hilarious song called "Halcyon Days" for them and played it on a ukulele. Tracy also sang for us in Mexico. This girl....talented beyond words. I will post the track if I locate it. It was amazing !

joeewong_halcyon_burke_0019 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0020 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0021 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0022 joeewong_halcyon_burke_0023

What can I say about these two. I absolutely love them. Their wedding was so beautiful and everything a wedding should be - intimate, full of love and a good time by all. I'm sure by looking at these photos and all the smiles, you'd never guess that:

  • it rained 99% of the day
  • it was overcast for 0.5% off the day
  • it was sunny for 0.5% off the day
  • we had 8 min to photograph portraits
  • the grounds under the tent was flooded
  • the ladies all had their shoes off walking bare footed
  • guys were grabbing planks from the nearby barn and laying them down to create a 'bridge' for Halcyon to walk down the aisle

For those who ask "What happens if it rains ?", I will forever refer to this wedding and say, "Do what Halcyon and Burke did...let it roll off your back and enjoy the most significant day of your life." Just look at their faces. They look more happy than most that have perfect weather on their wedding day.

Halcyon and Burke, I can't wait to see you two again for part 2 of your photos. This time, let's choose a less rainy day, ok ?



Venue: Private Residence | Kiervin Estates
Wedding Coordinator: Laura Scott | Tula Events