I remember it like it was yesterday — the day I had met Katherine and Jeff to talk about their wedding. It was a beautiful afternoon in my mobile office — Starbucks :P. In fact, I met them exactly 2 years today ! How time flies. We traded stories about family…work...how they met and how you really get to know someone when you move in together !

Katherine and Jeff met at work. When I use to work at a regular job, I use to notice a lot of ‘secret’ office romances. I never understood why people kept it a secret but then there were some breakups and what I call "HR moments”. It’s pretty tricky I must say. But these two made it work and kept things on a need to know basis. They eventually ‘outted’ themselves at a UFE party when Jeff, who had left the firm by then, was at this function with Katherine…as her date.

I love hearing about the proposals go down. There’s so much pressure for a guy to buy the right ring. Luckily, Katherine was dropping hints here and there and he got the hint. Jeff had asked Katherine’s parents the day before for their blessing. I believe her mom told Jeff that there was no return policy for her daughter.

It was a random Thursday night during tax season. Jeff had prepared a cupcake for her and left it on the counter. To Katherine, she thought he had just gone to the grocery store to buy desert. She noticed there was a string in the cupcake and thought, “Oh my God, it might be it!”. She pulled on the string and out came the…fake ring. She turned around only to find Jeff with the real ring in the box. Jeff told me the fake ring was so good that she couldn’t even tell which was real.

They had a beautiful, intimate ceremony near their home followed by a gorgeous and fun reception at the majestic Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

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Katherine and Jeff, you two have amazing friends and families. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I actually see a little bit of everyone at the wedding in you both. So happy to hear married life is treating you both well. Looking forward to catching up soon ! Thank you for the great memories.


*** Big thank you to one of my favourite brides ever --- Sara of Sara + Paul fame, for referring Katherine and Jeff to me. I always say referrals from trusted sources are the way to go and I'm so happy to have met these two. Thank you Sara.

Church: Central United Church
Venue: Fairmont Royal York