As I write this, I dream of being in Hong Kong with Victoria and Anthony photographing their 10 year dating anniversary. That was the plan. But it was just too hard to leave the family at home and jet across to the other side of the world to ring in the new year with these two. Instead, I am here in Toronto suffering in -30 degree weather while dreaming of their summer wedding.

This wedding of theirs was definitely one of my favourite weddings ever and even more meaningful to me because we grew pretty close throughout the wedding planning process. I hit it off instantly the first time we met and we must have exchanged 1000's of emails and texts in the 21 months leading up to their wedding day. Mostly stuff unrelated to their wedding, actually. It was that kind of relationship.

As I mentioned, these two are celebrating their 10 year dating anniversary in Hong Kong. It is there where they met for the first time that summer. Victoria was in Hong Kong teaching teachers how to teach science and Anthony was the infamous Princeton grad coming over to be her teaching partner. When he arrived in Hong Kong, he was lost and needed to be picked up. You'd think and Ivy League grad can figure out any problem, right ? haha He did not disappoint with the stereotype, though. He came in all preppy and jock like. So that was her first impression of him. Did I mention that in addition to being late, he fell asleep during the session ?

Later that year around this time, Anthony asked Victoria out on a rainy night in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong).  I can go on and on about these two. They are so perfect for each other. Although they have very similar interests (i.e. definition of fun: sitting in the same room reading their own superhero comic book), they are different...but different in the sense that they complement each other.

Here is a look into their beautiful day.

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Victoria and Anthony -- you know how I feel about you two.  You guys are just awesome friends. I look forward to many more good times together. I know this friendship will work because you both favour your right side and I favour my we will never have to fight for spots for our post get together selfies. Love you both and see you when you get back from Asia.


Photography: Joee, Heidi, Ray
Cinematography: Michael Y. Wong
Ceremony: St. Patrick’s Church
Reception: The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Hair + Make-up:  Satine Studios
Dress: Vera Wang
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Suit: Garrison Bespoke